TriMix Dosage and Strengths

Introduction to TriMix Injections

TriMix injections are the solution to many of mens erectile dysfunction issues. The topic of erectile dysfunction is not something men like to talk about.  However, it affects an increasing percentage of the population, particularly as the overall population ages.  Erectile dysfunction can be treated, in many cases, with various approaches based on the root cause of the problem.  In some cases, an injectable treatment may be the best option.  The most common and effective injectable ED treatment are TriMix injections. Like any medication always be aware of TriMix side effects, TriMix dosage, and TriMix injection shelf life. While TriMix strengths can vary they are usually pretty standard. In this article we will answer questions like how much TriMix should I use.

Typical Causes and Treatments or Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may have many causes, and the root cause is often necessary to understand in order to find the optimal treatment.

Some examples of ED causes and treatments include:

  • Psychological, often treated with therapy such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, couple’s therapy, or other psychological/psychiatric means.
  • Pharmacological, as a side effect of medications or drugs, illegal or legal.  This may be helped by changing medications or dosages, getting off illegal drugs or alcohol, or using an oral ED treatment.
  • Physiological, caused by a number of factors.  These can include physical trauma to the genitals or supporting blood vessels and nerves, systemic conditions that affect blood flow like diabetes, heart problems, and high or low blood pressure, hormonal changes that happen with aging, and other factors.  In these cases, treatments may include surgery (typically for physical trauma-related ED), oral treatments, or injection therapy.
  • Side-effects form treatment of prostate cancer, and/or removal of the prostate, can also lead to erectile dysfunction, for which oral or injectable ED treatments often are a viable treatment option.

In all cases, it’s worth pointing out that some root causes of ED are never conclusively determined.  Some percentages of cases are simply not clearly defined as to a root cause, yet the symptoms of ED are very clearly present.  Patients in these cases may benefit from oral ED therapy, or, failing that, injection therapy as well.

Basics of Trimix

TriMix Dosage

TriMix is an injectable medication – actually, a mix of three medications, hence the name.  It is designed to temporarily restore erectile function. The components – papaverine, prostaglandin, and phentolamine – are well studied, and when combined, have been shown to be effective to very effective in short-term restoration of erectile function in men suffering from ED. Common questions regarding TriMix include: How much TriMix should I use? What is the best TriMix dosage? Is there a standard for TriMix strengths? What is the TriMix injection shelf life? What are common TriMix side effects?

The first ingredient included in TriMix Injections is papaverine, is known as a vasodilator.  This means it relaxes and expands (dilates) the blood vessels in the body.  This allows for increased blood flow, and consequently, makes it easier to attain an erection.  The science behind this action is a bit complex, but it works similarly to the way oral ED treatments like Viagra work.  Papaverine ultimately results (through various chemical reactions) in the inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme in the penis.  This enzyme normally breaks down cGMP, a chemical that regulates blood flow.  When PDE5 is inhibited, less cGMP is broken down, which leads to better blood flow in the penis and ease of getting and maintaining an erection for sexual activity.
The second component in TriMix Injections, prostaglandin E1 (also known as alprostadil) is a naturally-occurring substance in the body, which has hormone-like effects.  Increased levels in the penis from an injection help with vasodilation.  The chemical steps are somewhat different, though, as the erection-improving effects come from local metabolism of the compound, leading to vasodilation and muscle relaxation in and around the injected tissue (in this case, the penis). This is the most common cause of TriMix side effects but also has the most beneficial drug of the three.
The third and final active ingredient in TriMix injections is phentolamine.  This compound is more different than the other two are similar.  It is not directly a vasodilator (though it does have some vasodilation effects).  It relaxes muscles and increases cardiac output, both of which improve blood flow.  From a chemical standpoint, phentolamine is an alpha-adrenoceptor antagonist.  In practical terms, that means that phentolamine decreases the binding sites for noradrenaline in the injected tissue.  Noradrenaline keeps penile muscle tissue contracted.  Decreasing binding sites for noradrenaline means the tissue is more readily relaxed and allowed to fill with blood to form an erection.

TriMix Strengths and Format

How much TriMix should I use for my TriMix dosage? Is there an average amount with TriMix strengths? Each of the medications inside a TriMix injection are used to treat other health conditions in humans and have been extensively tested, both alone and in combination, for their use as an injectable ED treatment.  They are considered the most powerful ED treatment available, often seen as a “last and best” resort option for those who have not responded to oral ED treatments or therapy. Like almost any medication TriMix side effects may occur.

TriMix injections are usually supplied as an aqueous solution, with the active ingredients being contained in saline (salt water) solution to allow for easy injection.  It is most often supplied in vials of 5 mL of solution.  With typical TriMix strengths, this is enough for between 25 and 100 TriMix dosage shots (more on that a bit later in the TriMix Injection Dosage section of this article).

So how much TriMix should I use? TriMix strengths of injection and the medications inside will vary based on what is prescribed by a doctor or healthcare professional.  There are two common TriMix strengths and ratios for TriMix injections that are readily available on the market.  TriMix is usually compounded by pharmacies (rather than supplied as a finished drug), mostly due to shelf life and other considerations, which we’ll discuss more in the TriMix Injection Shelf Life section later in this article.  The guidelines for compounding most often follow the two TriMix strengths and ratios listed below:

Typical TriMix Injection Strengths

Low Dose TriMix Strengths:

  • Papaverine: 30 mg/mL 30,000
  • Prostaglandin: 10 mcg/mL 10
  • Phentolamine: 1 mg/mL 1,000

High Dose TriMix Strengths:

  • Papaverine: 30 mg/mL 30,000
  • Prostaglandin: 20 mcg/mL 20
  • Phentolamine: 2 mg/mL 2,000

There are also variants (since it is a compounded medication) that may be referred to with TriMix strengths and can change the answer of how much TriMix I should use.  The most variable component is the prostaglandin, as that is the primary driver of the overall firmness of the erection once achieved, while the other two medications are more focused on blood flow, achieving the erection, and maintaining the erection, rather than the firmness of quality of the erection.

TriMix Dosage – How Much TriMix Should I Use?

The TriMix dosage and frequency of injections will be determined by the doctor and answer the question regarding how much TriMix should I use.  The most common approach is to start TriMix dosage and work up gradually to a higher TriMix dosage or blend.  Initial doses tend to be in the 0.05 mL to 0.1 mL range.

The TriMix dosage may then be increased subsequently if the effects are unsatisfactory.  Increases are typically made in increments of 0.05 mL at a time, with the recommended maximum TriMix dosage in most cases being 0.5 mL total for a single dose.  Note that, however, depending on blend, strength, and other factors, doctors may authorize a higher max TriMix dosage in some individual cases.

The goal of the Trimix dosage is to achieve the best result with the lowest possible dose.  This is because, as with many medications, the risk of TriMix side effects increases exponentially the higher the dosage goes.  Put another way, as the TriMix dosage rate increases, the risk for dangerous, prolonged erections requiring emergency medical treatment increase as well.  Further, there is little evidence in medical literature and studies that a TriMix dosage beyond the recommended maximum dosage provides additional benefit, but rather only serve to increase the risk of more Trimix side effects.

TriMix Strengths

The TriMix dosage changes should be done with a minimum of 24 to 48 hours between the prior does, and next does.  TriMix Injection Dosage frequency, in general, should be limited to 2 injections per week, a minimum of 24 to 48 hours apart.  This is meant to avoid the effects of having too much medication in your penis – while the majority of effects wear off quickly, it is possible for some dosage to linger.  If another dose is injected before that remaining TriMix dosage has totally worked its way out of your system, it’s like taking more than the recommended max dose, and increases the risk for painful or prolonged erections, requiring emergency treatment (usually a shot of adrenaline/epinephrine/phenylephrine) to avoid permanent damage to the penis. So when asking yourself how much TriMix should I use you should always take this into consideration.

Under no circumstances should an extra or double dose be taken, or a booster dose less than 24 hours after a previous dose.  Used only as directed on the label instructions for your prescribed medication.

TriMix Shelf Life and Storage

TriMix injections compounded by a TriMix compounding pharmacy, This plays a large role in the TriMix injection shelf life and storage requirements.  The most unstable compound is the prostaglandin.  However, all of the medications tend to break down fastest at room temperature or beyond.  Therefore, the TriMix injection shelf life requirements are that it is best kept refrigerated between 36°F and 46°F (2° to 8°C).  It should be removed for dosing and injection, then returned to refrigeration.

If TriMix injection shelf life requirements are not met it is important to note that nothing toxic or problematic develops from the breakdown of the medications.  Rather, it simply loses efficacy.  An entirely broken-down medication would be equivalent to injecting only salt water, which is fairly pointless for the intended purpose of erectile function enhancement and restoration.

The TriMix injection shelf life at room temperature, is very low.  In testing, in only 5 days of storage at room temperature, close to 10% efficacy of the medication was lost.  When refrigerated per the TriMix injection shelf life instructions, this loss can be postponed by 2-3 months.  Freezing is also a viable option with some preparations (pharmacists or doctors will inform you of the options) and can extend the TriMix injection shelf life to 6 months (though obviously, it must be unfrozen and thawed in refrigeration for a day or two before use, to return it to a liquid state for injection).

In general, refrigerated and stored properly the TriMix injection shelf life can remain effective for 3-6 months.  Beyond 6 months, a large portion of efficacy has been lost, and likely the user will see a noticeable decrease in effect, potentially with no effect at all following injection.  In these cases, medication should be properly discarded, and a new vial obtained.

Like all medications, TriMix Injections should be kept out of reach of children and only used by the individual to whom it has been prescribed.  Sharing, selling, or redistributing medication is a crime.  Unused medication that expires after the TriMix injection shelf life should be disposed of according to the provided instructions.

Trimix Side Effects, Contraindications, and Cautions

TriMix Injections and similar compounds are, overall, very safe and effective.  The known triMix side effects are few, and they tend to be mild.  There are, however, some potentially serious or life-threatening side effects, as well as contraindications and cautions that patients should be aware of prior to starting any program of TriMix or ED treatment injections in general.

The most common TriMix side effects come from the injection process itself and include mild to moderate pain during and immediately after the injection.  There may be some pain upon initial erection – if this is persistent, you may ask your doctor to switch you to a version with lower Trimix strengths of prostaglandin, or one without it entirely, such as BiMix.  A small amount of bleeding may also occur at the injection site, which will go away quickly in most people.  Another TriMix side effect may be some bruising, though of the injection instructions are followed (see TriMix Injection Instructions), this can be minimized or eliminated entirely.

Any injection into the penis, however, carries risks, as the erectile tissue and other structures of the penis are delicate.  It is important to follow the injection instructions and understand where the injection is supposed to be performed.  TriMix is intended for injection into the erectile tissue in the corpora cavernosa of the penis.  If injected elsewhere, TriMix side effects may develop or the medication can be ineffective.

Injection complications, even when injected into the proper area of the penis, can occur and create additional TriMix side effects.  These include redness, lumps, swelling, tenderness, or unusual curvature of the erect penis.  Any of these TriMix side effects are grounds to call your doctor or healthcare professional, though not immediate emergencies.

TriMix Injection Shelf Life

Like oral ED treatments, injectable ED treatments also carry a risk of an emergency situation developing, where erections are persistent and do not go away after a prolonged period of time.  Typically, erections lasting longer than 4 hours can cause serious and permanent damage to the penis.  In the case of penile injections, any erection lasting longer than 2 hours should be countered with ingestion of 2-4 30mg pseudoephedrine tablets, as well as an ice pack to the genitals.  If this does not alleviate the erection within 1 hour, then emergency medical treatment should be sought.  This usually involves an injection of adrenaline or similar (epinephrine/phenylephrine) into the penis to counter-act the ED medication.

In terms of cautions and contraindications, all existing medications, supplements, vitamins, injections, and over-the-counter or prescription medications should be discussed with your doctor or health care professional prior to being prescribed TriMix Injections.  Also, if you have any health conditions that predispose you to priapism, TriMix should be avoided.  It should also be avoided if you suffer from sickle cell anemia, multiple myeloma, or leukemia.  Lastly, any deformities of the penis, past surgeries, or penile implants may mean TriMix is not suitable – your doctor will be able to advise.

Naturally, if your doctor has advised you to abstain from sexual activity due to a medical condition (such as a heart condition), TriMix is likely unsuitable.  Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking any medication that interferes with blood clotting function, when used with TriMix Injections, TriMix side effects can lead to a potentially life-threatening situation.

TriMix Injection Instructions

TriMix injections should only be taken as directed by your doctor or healthcare provider, and as indicated on the prescribing label. This usually means an intracavernosal injection before starting foreplay.

If the injection instructions are followed, TriMix strengths are best and dosage is sufficient for a response, erections typically are achieved within 5 to 20 minutes following injection and last for around one hour ins most cases.  Again, erections lasting 2 hours or longer should be treated as per the instructions in the TriMix Injection Side Effects section.

Immediately following injection, it is recommended that you place a finger or two on the injection site, and apply firm pressure for around 5 minutes.  This will help prevent blood from building up under the skin, which can lead to bruising.  Bruising can cause painful sexual activity or painful erections, which would be counter-productive to the whole point of taking an injectable ED treatment in the first place.

Your doctor or healthcare professional should demonstrate and advise you of how to complete the injections prior to ever attempting it yourself.  Proper handling, storage, and use of syringes should be demonstrated, in addition to the injection method.  Syringe hygiene prior to and during injections is important, to avoid potential introduction of contaminants into the medication itself or your penis – you can infect yourself with bacteria from your skin or elsewhere if proper precautions are not observed.  This includes following all instructions about preparatory swabbing with alcohol wipes (if indicated), wearing gloves (if indicated), and handling the syringe properly.

As with any injection, there is a risk of needle breakage during the injection process.  If a needle ever breaks during a self-injection, contact your doctor immediately.  Also, always follow recommended procedures on safe disposal of the needle following injection.


If TriMix injections are prescribed, and the injection instructions are followed, working with a doctor to find the best dose for your individual situation, you are very likely to once again be able to achieve and maintain erections for sexual activities.  The stated goal of the medication is to provide patients with a 70-80% “normal” erection and erectile function.  Studies have generally borne this out, with results ranging from as low as 35% success with a single component medication to as high as 98%.  So while questions like how much TriMix should I use may be difficult to answer, TriMix Strengths, questions about TriMix side effects and TriMix injection shelf life are ones that we can help answer. With the combination of three potent ingredients, there is a very high success rate with TriMix.  It may be just the right treatment to restore your erectile function, and allow you to experience satisfying sexual relationships once again.

TriMix Dosage and Strengths
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  • I was taking .1cc of 5s34 (pap30/phe3/pge40) dosage of trimix and would end up with priaprism problems after four hours most of the time. My doctor changed dosage to .2 cc with T106 (Pap30/Phe1/Pge25) which seems to be to much. What do you think?

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