Tri-Mix ED Medication

TriMix for Erectile Dysfunction

Hope in treating Erectile Dysfuntion – An introduction to Tri-Mix

There is hope in treating Erectile dysfunction. The topic alone can be embarrassing for those who are affected by it, let alone the difficulties of living with the symptoms. Thankfully there has been a lot of research and breakthroughs to help treat ED. Unfortunately the options have not come without frustration, inconvenience, disappointment, and sometimes poor side-effects.

Luckily with the introduction of Tri-Mix, convenience, effectiveness, and reliability are now synonymous with the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

What is Tri-Mix?

Tri-Mix is a compound of three separate drugs that with their combined efforts produce a more predictable, satisfying, and safe erection. The drugs papaverine, alprostadil, and phentolamine are the most common to be compounded by a pharmacy to create Tri-Mix.

Tri-Mix is provided in either pre-filled syringes, or in a multi-use vial. There are advantages to both. A multi-use vial is recommended due to cost savings and better protection of the product until it is ready to use.

How does Tri-Mix work?

Tri-Mix is delivered via a subcutaneous injection into the erectile tissue of the penis. A subcutaneous syringe is the same that is used by diabetic patients. The needle diameter is very small and the length is very short. The best way to describe the sensation from this type of syringe is to compare it to a mosquito bite. The best providers of Tri-Mix will provide the most comfortable syringe possible.

Once the injection is administered the combination of three drugs go to work to stimulate the expansion of the arteries in the erectile tissue of the penis, and narrow the veins to keep the blood in, allowing blood to rush in to create a firm erection. A usable erection is usually achieved in 10-20 minutes. Although this treatment requires some pre-planning, the effects are reliable and nearly guaranteed to produce an erection every time. The effect of this is maintained by the drugs instead of natural factors which may cause an erection to be lost. For this reason, care must be taken in starting with a very small dose and judging the results before increasing to a higher dose.

Who can use Tri-Mix?

Although Tri-Mix is an elective product to increase sexual satisfaction and performance, it must be prescribed by a physician. A man who struggles with erectile issues and is looking for medical improvement is a candidate for treatment. Patients who have prostate cancer have found great success with Tri-Mix. Commonly a candidate for Tri-Mix will have already been diagnosed with ED and treated with oral ED medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

What are the side-effects of Tri-Mix?

  • Injection site pain/Headaches & Dizziness-The most common side effect is a dull ache in the injection site which may be accompanied by bruising. The ache is reported to be in a small amount of cases and not consistent with every injection, indicating placement may have hit a nerve. Bruising is usually associated with piercing a blood vessel, which isn’t need for concern. Both of these symptoms can be prevented with applying the recommended 5 minutes of firm pressure on the injection site. For alleviating the dull ache it is recommended for the patient to lie on their side for 20 minutes.
    Headaches and Dizziness are also uncommon and minor side effects.
  • Prolonged Erection-An erection lasting more than 4 hours is considered a medical emergency and should be treated by a physician or emergency room. This condition is called Priapism and can lead to permanent damage to a penis. This condition relating to Tri-Mix can be caused when too much of the injection is administered or there is a sensitivity to the compound. When first beginning Tri-Mix therapy the patient is instructed to administer a small dosage and depending on the results, adjust until maximum benefits are reached.
  • If an erection lasts more than 3 hours, there are a few home remedies which may alleviate the condition including: 60 mg sudafed, hot shower, ice packs on the penis or legs near penis, exercise. If the erection does not subside within 30 minutes of attempted efforts then a visit to an urgent care clinic or physician is needed.
  • Curvature of the Penis – Curvature of the Penis caused by scar tissue in the penis can be painful and discouraging. Different compounds of Tri-Mix can affect the likelihood of this condition. It has been found as the compound has been further developed that scar tissue has been minimized drastically. Applying pressure to the injection site for 5 minutes post injection is important to help prevent scar tissue from forming. Another way to prevent this condition is to inject in different locations each time, at minimum alternating which side of the penis the injection occurs.

Storage and Handling

Tri-Mix is usually provided in a glass vial which has a rubber stopper designed to be pierced multiple times to withdraw the medication. The medication is not shelf stable and will lose most of its potency after 3 days at room temperature. It needs to be refrigerated to protect potency, however sterility is not affected. Traveling with Tri-Mix is possible with appropriate precautions to keep the medication consistently cold and protected from glass breakage.

Where to Buy Tri-Mix

Tri-Mix can be obtained with a prescription from a physician at most pharmacies. Fortitude vitamins has selected some online resources that have proven track records in providing quality products and great patient support. Tele-Medicine provides medical treatment to many people who may otherwise feel uncomfortable seeking treatment for ED locally. The providers recommended by Fortitude Vitamins all provide a licensed prescriber and access to medications that are compounded in FDA approved facilities. Click here to Buy TriMix Online.

Tri-Mix ED Medication
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