TimTam vs Theragun | Best Percussion Massager

TimTam Massager vs Theragun Massager

If you have found this post, you likely aready know what a percussion massager is, or you have noticed them popping up all over the internet. If you don’t know what it is, click here to learn more about what a percussion massager is. If you are here simply because you are doing your homework, and you want to know if it is better to buy the TimTam Massager, or the Theragun, read on.

Below we will outline the pros and cons of both the TimTam Massager, as well as the Theragun Massager.

TimTam vs Theragun Comparison Chart

Rating CriteriaTimTam MassagerTheragun Massager
Average Rating
Buy MassagerBuy TimTamBuy Theragun

TimTam Massager

Buy TimTam Massager

The TimTam percussion massager is a great tool for athletes recovery, at a great price. We placed the TimTam at the top of our list for one main reason. It will perform the same task as the Theragun, but for a better price. While the TimTam might not be as pretty, or as quiet as the Theragun, we felt that those details wouldn’t matter the the average athlete. The TimTam does a great job, has more accessories, is very portable, and packs a punch when it comes to workout recovery.

TimTam Massager Pros

  • Very Powerful
  • Threaded Accessory Attachments
  • Very Portable
  • Best Price

TimTam Massager Cons

  • The TimTam is loud
  • Not as Sleek looking as Theragun (but who cares)

Theragun Massager

Buy TimTam Massager

Theragun Massager Pros

  • Not so loud
  • It’s pretty
  • 4 Placement Angles

Theragun Massager Cons

  • Price (Very Expensive)
TimTam vs Theragun | Best Percussion Massager
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