HCG Mixing Directions

hcg mixing instructions

HCG Mixing Guide (Reconstitute or mix HCG)

HCG Mixing Guide

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HCG Reconstitution Directions (Mixing HCG)

Follow HCG Mixing Guide below to reconstitute hcg with bacteriostatic water.

Remove Protective Bottle Caps

  • Remove the cap from the HCG Vial
  • Remove the cap from the bacteriostatic vial
  • Clear the top of each bottle with an alcohol swab

Assemble the HCG Mixing Syringe

  • The needle and 5mL syringe are often sealed in separate plastic wrappers
  • Remove the needle and syringe from their protective wrappers
  • Screw the needle to the syringe
  • If you recieved a syringe that is already assembled, skip this step

Draw 5mL of Water into HCG Mixing Syringe

  • Stick the mixing syringe into the Bacteriostatic Water bottle
  • Make sure the end of the needle is in the liquid
  • Pull 5mL (5 mark) of water into the syringe, and pull it out of the bottle
  • The Bacteriostatic water bottle will be left with a large amount of liquid (this is normal)
  • You can simply throw the extra water in the trash

Inject 5mL of Water into HCG Vial

  • Stick the needle into the HCG vial, at a 45 degree angle
  • The vial is vacuum sealed, and it will suck the water in
  • By sticking the needle in at a 45 degree angle, the water will flow down the inside edge of the bottle, and will more delicately mix with the HCG
  • Roll the bottle between your hands to mix the HCG (do not shake)
  • Store HCG on a shelf in the refrigerator, not the door

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The HCG Diet Protocol

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HCG Mixing Directions
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