HCG Injection Guide

HCG Injection Guide (how to inject hcg)

How to Inject HCG

HCG Injection Instructions

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HCG Injection Guide (hcg injection directions)

Follow the HCG Injection Guide below to safely inject hcg into your subcutaneous fat.

Clean the Bottle and Injection Site

  • Use alcohol swab to clean the top of the HCG Bottle
  • Also use the alcohol swab to clean the injection site
  • Most prefer to inject 2-3 inches to the left or right of the naval
  • HCG can be injected subcutaneously (into fat) anywhere on the body

Remove Caps and Fill Syringe

  • Take the caps off of each end of the syringe
  • Insert the needle into the HCG vial
  • Tip the HCG vial upside-down, and draw 150 units (15 mark) of HCG into the syringe
  • Small air bubbles in the syringe are harmless

Inject the HCG

  • After drawing the HCG from the vial, you are ready to inject
  • Quickly insert the needle into the clean injection site
  • Depress the syringe to inject all of the HCG into the subcutaneous fat
  • After injecting the HCG, dispose of the needle in a sharps container
  • HCG is injected daily for the duration of the HCG Diet round

Store in a Cool place

  • HCG should be stored in a cool place, like a refrigerator
  • Store HCG on a shelf in the refrigerator, not the door
  • Multi-use vials are to be discarded after 28 days, for sterilization purposes
  • HCG will retain potency for at least 28 days, and slowly lose strength after that

How much HCG Should I Inject

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons recomended a dosage of 125iu’s of HCG per day, via subcutaneous (under the skin) injections. He found this dosage to work for most of his paients. Be very careful about taking advice from gurus online. HCG dosage has very little to do with how you feel, how much weight you are losing, or whether or not you are hungry, so don’t adjust your dosage to anything other that what Dr. Simeons suggested, unless advised by your doctor.

HCG Guides, HCG Workbook, and Where to Buy HCG

Now that you know how to Inject hCG, read the HCG Mixing guide, HCG Diet Protocol Workbook, and find out where to Buy HCG Injections.

HCG Injection Guide
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