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how to buy hcg

Do you want to know how to buy hcg shots?

Starting a medical program online isn’t something that most of us would consider normal. Generally, the practice of medicine includes going in and seeing a doctor at a practice, clinic, or hospital. Then telemedicine showed up. It is not possible to get some non-invasive medical services. This includes weight loss services, some anti-aging services, counseling, and mental health services, just to name a few. Read below to get a step by step process of to use one of the telemedicine providers below to buy hcg shots.

1. Click the link to Buy HCG shots with our Deal (yes we earn commissions)

The first step, is to click the link to purchase HCG from our most trusted HCG diet providers. Yes, we do earn some commissions, but nonetheless, they are our top choice to buy hcg.

2. Choose Duration of HCG Diet Protocol

After clicking on the link from our site, you will be taken to an exclusive page that will give you the best price you can get for the HCG Protocol. The first thing to do is choose the duration of the diet. You can choose a 25 Day HCG Diet Protocol, or a 50 Day HCG Diet Protocol.

buy hcg shots

3. Add HCG Diet Support Items

After you choose the duration of the protocol, we recomend adding B12 to the HCG. They automatically mix the B12 right in with the HCG, so they come in one bottle. It’s pretty cool, actually. The added B12 will help with energy, focus, mood, and fat loss.

After you add the B12 Injections, we also recomend adding the Lipotropics. Lipotropics aid the body in fat loss, by improving the transport, delivery, and burning of fats in the liver. Also, lipotropics assist the body in cleansing by improving liver function.

Click the button on the bottom to finish your enrollment.

4. Confirm Services to Enroll in

Make sure the items in your enrollment package are correct, and click the “Finish Enrollment” link.

5. Fill out Billing Info and Confirm

Now that you have chosen and confirmed your services, fill out all of your necessary billing info, and confirm at the bottom. We recommend the Echeck Method. Not only is it fast and easy, it is VERY secure. Credit Cards are stolen online, but Echeck has a good reputation for being secure.

7. Fill Out Medical Forms

Wait, you’re still not done. You didn’t think you were going to just be able to buy medicine online without having to provide some kind of medical info, did you? Well, it’s easier than you might think. Once you confirm your billing info on the previous page, you will be taken to a page that confirms your service enrollment, but asks you to fill out forms. Simply click the link, and it will take you to the medical forms. Once you are done there, the practitioner/doctor should call you. Remember to keep your phone close to you over the next couple days. They will be in contact to get you enrolled as a patient.

The graphic below represents the process for getting started on the HCG Diet through a legitimate telemedicine provider. Click the image if you want to get started on the HCG Diet.

how to buy hcg

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Buy HCG Shots | How to Legally Buy HCG Online
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