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If you found this article, it’s likely that you have either decided to start the HCG Diet using HCG Drops, or you are simply learning as much as you can to make an informed decission about where to buy HCG Drops.

The Best Places to Buy HCG Drops

We have compiled a list of the best vendors out of hundreds of companies to purchase hcg drops. Our decision is based on the following criteria:.

Criteria for Rating

  1. Product Ingredients and Dosage
  2. Price and Value
  3. Customer Service and Support

In addition to providing you with the best choices for you to buy HCG Drops, we have exclusive pricing with some of the companies.

Which company has the Best HCG Drops?

See our list of HCG Diet Drops Providers to decide where you want to buy hcg drops. We link directly to exclusive discounts only found here at Fortitude Vitamins. While we do make a small commission for referred sales to either of these companies, we believe these are the best hcg providers out there.

Best HCG Diet Drops Providers

Rejuvi Medical

Access HCG

Access HCG is our top choice for buying HCG drops. Thier HCG drops are made with the highest quality ingredients, and they work. Not only that, but the price is better than the competition, with a much higher value product.

Star Rating
Program Price
$80-120 / Bottle
$30-$60 / Bottle
Exlusive Pricing!

Benefits of using Access HCG

  • High Quality Ingredients with Effective Dosages
  • A Very Helpful HCG Diet Instruction Booklet Included
  • A Support Staff that Know the HCG Diet
  • The BEST Price
  • Options to buy support supplements

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Rejuvi Medical

HCG Triumph

Triumph HCG is our second choice for HCG Diet Drops. While their price is good, the ingredients and dosages in their product don’t quite match up to Access HCG Drops.

Star Rating
Program Price
$35-$65 / Bottle

Benefits of using HCG Triumph

  • A Great Product
  • Helpful online instructions
  • A good Price

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Difference Between HCG Drops and Injections

HCG Drops and HCG Injections are very different. The truth is that HCG Drops actually contain no HCG hormone, but are instead designed to mimic the effects of HCG. While HCG Injections are generally the preferred method for following the HCG Diet Protocol, not everyone has enough money to drop $500 for a 50 day diet program. Not only that, it isn’t the HCG that causes weight loss. The weight loss is caused by the Low Calorie Diet, and HCG Injections and HCG Drops simply facilitate the weight loss and support the dieter by controlling hunger, and gaurding against muscle loss. If you are interested in HCG Injections instead of drops, we compiled a list of the best hcg proviers so you can buy hcg injections with confidence.

HCG Injections mimic a hormone called Luteinizing Hormone (LH). During the HCG Diet Protocol with HCG Injections, LH supports the dieter by increasing testosterone, with increases the metabolism and gaurds against muscle wasting.

HCG Drops are designed to mimic HCG Injections with Amino Acids and Herbs that help to control the appetite and increase energy with effective supplements at potent dosages. HCG Drops also contain ingredients that increase blood flow, and support muscle tissue.

HCG Drops or HCG Injections

There are two main differences that one should understand before starting the HCG Diet protocol with HCG Drops or HCG Injections. The pros and Cons are listed below.

Pros and Cons of HCG Drops


  • Medium Rate of Weight Loss
  • Safe with No Side Effects
  • Great Price


  • Not as rapid as HCG Injections

Pros and Cons of HCG Injections


  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Generally Safe with Minimal Side Effects
  • Longer lasting results


  • Rare: Temporary Side Effects
  • Expensive

When I Purchase HCG Drops, How Much Will I Need?

Before you purchase hcg drops, you should decide how many rounds of HCG you will need. If you don’t know how the HCG Diet works, The HCG Diet Protocol is performed in rounds, and is separated into 4 phases:

  1. Phase 1: Loading Phase
  2. Phase 2: Low Calorie Diet
  3. Phase 3: Diet Break
  4. Phase 4: Transition and Maintenance

1 round of HCG is Phase 1-3. So a round consists of a 2 day loading phase, a 3-6 week low calorie diet (HCG Drop bottles usually last about a month), with a 2-3 week diet break before starting your next round.

Keep in mind that the duration of Phase 2 can vary depending on the person and their goals. To learn more about this, read the article, “The HCG Diet Protocol“. Due to the fact that HCG Drops have a much longer shelf life than HCG Injections, Phase 2 of the HCG Diet can be adjusted to whatever duration needed for best results. We recommend sticking with Phase 2 (low calorie diet) at least 3 weeks, and continuing on as long as you are still losing weight at a good rate. Dropping half a pound or more per day is a great rate of weight loss. If you continue losing at a rapid rate, go to the full six weeks. If weight loss tapers out earlier than that, we recommend taking your Phase 3 break.

How Many Rounds of HCG Should I Do?

  • Less than 20 lbs to lose: 1 round
  • More than 20 lbs to lose: 2 rounds

These are general guidelines, but weight loss varies between individuals. We have found that weight loss also varies between one round to the next. When you purchase hcg drops, we recoment getting extra. It’s better to have extra that you can use later, than to run out in the middle of a successful round of HCG.

Where to Buy HCG Drops
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